Buying guide for best enema kits

It’s not a topic that most people are comfortable bringing up in mixed company, but at some point, nearly everyone will need an enema. Whether you’d like a cleanse or you have some issues with regularity or you’ve hit that wonderful milestone in life when you need to do a little prep work before a procedure, you’ll want the best enema kit available.

Comfort, of course, is the key when choosing an enema kit, but you may have other considerations such as type, capacity, portability, and ease of cleaning. You should also be sure the materials used in manufacturing are nontoxic and the kit is durable and won’t leak.

ypes of enema kits

The first thing you will notice when looking for an enema kit is that there are several types. To be an informed shopper, you will need to know the difference between each of these kits.


A disposable enema kit is good for one use only. These kits usually feature one or two bottles filled with a premixed solution and are generally used to relieve constipation. Additionally, they may be prescribed as part of a cleanse before certain procedures.


An enema kit that features a bulb can usually fit in the palm of your hand, which makes the kit highly portable. Because of its size, this type of kit only holds a small amount of solution, which may or may not be enough for your needs. Consequently, the cleaning will not be as deep.


When people think of an enema kit, likely they are picturing the type with a rubber or silicon bag. These kits can hold a significant amount of solution, can be hung to utilize gravity, and are flexible to fold up for portability. However, they can be difficult to clean.


A stainless steel bucket enema kit has all the benefits of a bag enema kit, only it is not as portable. Often, a bucket is manufactured to hold even more solution than a bag, so it can be a little more cumbersome to use. The biggest benefit to using a bucket kit is that it is the easiest type of enema kit to clean.


A shower enema kit attaches directly to your shower and has a control that you use to regulate water flow. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why these types of enema kits are not desirable. There is no way to accurately gauge how much water you are using, and if you misjudge the amount of pressure, you may injure yourself. Also, it is not advisable to use straight tap water for an enema for sanitary reasons.

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